When purchased new from Ricoma UK , Ricoma embroidery machines are warranted from the date of delivery to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty period(s) specified herein. Ricoma UK will provide parts and labour to the customer to correct manufacturing defects in material and workmanship that occur under normal use during the applicable warranty period.

Up to Two years: parts and labour (model depending) Covering all electronic components including wiring harnesses/cables, motors, solenoids, switches, sensors, rotary encoders, fans, noise filters, transformers, light fixtures, printed circuit boards/cards, controller, potentiometer, drive train components including bushings, bearings, cams, gears, pulleys, sprockets, chains, shafts, drive cables and frame drive rails.

This warranty only covers defects encountered during normal use and does not apply to damage or failure due to abuse, misuse, neglect, accidental damage or acts of God, failure to follow the operating and maintenance instructions set forth in the Ricoma embroidery machine user manual, improper maintenance or lubrication, improper adjustments or modifications to the machine, and the installation or use of non-Ricoma parts or accessories.

This warranty does not apply to: consumable and/or expendable components, including, but not limited to needles, bobbin cases, rotary hooks, bulbs, fuses, air filters, needle bar reciprocators, plastic spiral bevel gears, etc.; losses or damage to goods, or other property damage arising out of the use, misuse, or inability to use the machine. Ricoma UK will not be responsible for the cost of shipping replacement parts or of travel and related expenses out side of said warranty of its certified technicians incurred while providing services pursuant to this warranty.

Void if: This warranty is void if anyone other than Ricoma UK or one of its certified technicians attempts to repair or modify the machine without the permission of Ricoma International Corporation. This warranty is void if parts or accessories other than Ricoma are used in conjunction with your Ricoma embroidery machine.

Note: This warranty applies only to NEW Ricoma embroidery machines purchased from Ricoma UK.

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